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Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT
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Create a workout plan that works for YOU

By: Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT

Today we will answer the frequently asked question: “How can I incorporate (insert running, biking, HIIT, spin, etc) into my Evlo routine??”.

We will take a detailed look at the 6 different tracks we offer, how we coordinate muscle groups, specific suggestions for engaging in other forms of fitness as an Evlo member, and overall ideas to consider when mixing up your Evlo routine. 

Let’s dive in!

Our Programming 

Both the structure of our class tracks as well as our weekly programming is very intentional. Our goal at Evlo is to achieve muscle hypertrophy while avoiding overuse. Members can achieve this goal by following one of 6 track options:

  1. 3 days per week without cardio
  2. 3 days per week with cardio
  3. 4 days per week without cardio
  4. 4 days per week with cardio
  5. 5 days per week without cardio
  6. 5 days per week with cardio

Each track includes AT LEAST two rest days that we do not recommend skipping past! 

The “3 days per week” tracks:

This track features all full body classes, 3 times per week:

  1. Monday’s Full Body Build 
  2. Wednesday’s Full Body Build & Burn 
  3. Friday’s Full Body Barre Build OR Full Body Build & Burn 

Classes can always be “shifted” to different days, but members are encouraged to take at least one rest day between these full body classes for appropriate system recovery. 

This track includes the same classes listed above PLUS:

  1. Monday’s Low-Impact Cardio Burst 
  2. Wednesday’s Cardio Burst 
  3. Friday’s EVLO, which features full body build + cardio 

We recommend members take this track only if their joints are feeling great, they are not under high amounts of internal/external stress, and they ENJOY cardio!! 

The “4 days per week” tracks:

This track features separated upper/lower body build classes as well a specific core class in the following order: 

  1. Monday’s Lower Body Build 
  2. Tuesday’s Upper Body Build 
  3. Wednesday’s Burn (core)
  4. Friday’s Full Body Barre Build OR Full Body Build & Burn 

Monday-Wednesday’s classes are 35 minutes or less, making this track ideal for members who crave consistency while not requiring hours in the gym!

This track includes the same classes listed above PLUS:

  1. Monday’s Low-Impact Cardio Burst 
  2. Wednesday’s Burn followed by Cardio Burst OR Burn + HIIT
  3. Friday’s EVLO

The “5 days per week” tracks:

This track features an additional Thursday class for members who enjoy working out each day of the week. Thursday class options for the “w/o cardio” track include:

  1. Flow 
  2. Barre

Members who incorporate cardio into their routine have one additional class option:

  1. Flow + Strengthen 

We see Thursdays as our “bonus days” here at Evlo! Include one of these classes if you enjoy the class style! 

You can take our free schedule builder here if you’d like your schedule created for you!

Muscle Group Coordination 

In order to avoid overuse while accurately targeting each muscle group 1-2 times per week, we program muscle groups on a monthly basis. You can be confident that a muscle group will not be targeted two days in a row regardless of the instructor. In order to achieve muscle hypertrophy, you should wait at least (!!) 48 hours before working that same muscle group. 

You can also feel confident that over the course of a month, no matter what track you choose, you will be actively working toward muscle hypertrophy by showing up with gentle consistency each week. 

See this sample muscle group breakdown for an individual week: 

How to incorporate other forms of exercise and group classes into your Evlo routine.

Say you want to add in other forms of fitness to your Evlo schedule. Let’s break down how we would recommend doing so! 

Running or Long Bike Rides 

This section is for you folks who already enjoy running or long bike rides and crave having it in their routine. This is not a recommendation to add running for additional physiological benefits. You can read Shannon’s blog post on running here if you’d like an analysis on the topic! 

However, we have many members who love to run and/or bike, and successfully incorporate it into their weekly routines. Cross training is crucial for runners and Evlo can serve as a perfect fit! 

Here is what we recommend: 

  1. Monday: Lower Body Build + Light Run or Bike Ride 
  2. Tuesday: Upper Body Build
  3. Wednesday: Burn + Run or Long Bike Ride 
  4. Thursday: Rest 
  5. Friday: Non-Cardio Full Body Class
  6. Saturday: Run or Long Bike Ride 
  7. Rest 

Of course, you can do less running/biking, but we would not recommend doing more while incorporating these classes.

HIIT Classes or Short, High-Intensity Spin Classes

Where are my high-intensity folks?? This one’s for you. Adding in your favorite HIIT class or high-intensity spin class can be a fairly seamless addition to your Evlo routine.

Here is what we recommend: 

  1. 1-2 HIIT style classes a week
  2. Ideally less than 20 minutes in length 
  3. Take these classes on days when your body is feeling recovered and stress is relatively low 
  4. Do not do our cardio burst classes in addition to these outside classes. Choose one or the other that week! 


We recognize that there are many different types of Yoga. For the purposes of this blog, we’ve separated them into two categories: Restorative/Meditative and Higher Level Flows.


Great news- you can incorporate this style of Yoga every. single. day. if you’d like!! In fact, we highly recommend adding daily breathwork, meditation, gentle restorative flows, Yoga Nidra, etc. for the immense benefits these practices can offer. Listen to Shannon’s episode of Fit Body, Happy Joints here to learn how incorporating these practices daily can help to slow aging, improve results, and reduce your risk for chronic disease. 

Higher Level Flows:

We totally get finding an in-person Yoga studio that you LOVE. The sense of community and joint-practice can be so powerful. However, higher-level flow classes should not be done daily in conjunction with your Evlo schedule. 

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Restorative/Meditative classes can be performed daily 
  2. Higher level flow classes can be taken in place of one of our Thursday class options. Want to take this type of class at your local studio on a day other than a Thursday?? Simply “shift” your classes and rest days! But try to keep them in the same order 🙂
  3. Try not to replace a rest day with a higher level flow day

Barre or Reformer Pilates 

Incorporating outside-of-Evlo Barre and Reformer Pilates classes can be a little trickier! As you saw above, we program muscle groups very specifically each week and it is impossible for us to know which muscle groups your in-person class might be targeting. 

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Monday: Full Body Evlo Class or non-Evlo Barre/Reformer Class
  2. Tuesday: Rest 
  3. Wednesday: Full Body Evlo Class or non-Evlo Barre/Reformer Class
  4. Thursday: Rest
  5. Friday: Full Body Evlo Class or non-Evlo Barre/Reformer Class
  6. Saturday: Rest 
  7. Sunday: Rest

This schedule will allow for about 48 hours between classes. Therefore, it is more likely that your muscle groups will be recovered and ready to go if they are targeted again in the next class! 


If you have been around here for a while, you know we are BIG fans of leisurely walking that is done for the sake of movement- NOT to burn extra calories on your smartwatch.

Here’s what we recommend: 

  1. 5-30 minute daily walks 
  2. Try out different routes. Use these as an opportunity to get outside (weather permitting)! 
  3. Bonus points: occasionally incorporate a walking meditation. Evlo members have exclusive access to a guided walking meditation here

What to look out for when adding to your Evlo routine 

Some general rules of thumb apply when incorporating other forms of exercise into your Evlo routine. 

  1. Are you recovering/avoiding overuse?
  2. Are you enjoying your individualized program? 


It is important that we mention overuse and recovery in this post as avoiding overuse and prioritizing recovery are pillars here at Evlo Fitness! We recommend implementing tools to assess your recovery found in this blog post

Along with the objective tools recommended in that post, we encourage you to get really honest with yourself by asking:

  1. Does my body feel ready for the activity I am about to perform?
  2. What cues might my body be sending me about my readiness to perform?
  3. Am I performing this outside activity because I want to or because I believe that I am not doing enough

Know that no matter what, you have done enough. 

Program enjoyment 

Lastly, we want you to have FUN with whatever activities you are choosing to incorporate. One of our primary goals at Evlo is to create classes that feel good to show up for- not like a chore. We want you to thoroughly enjoy whichever route you take, whether that is sticking with strictly Evlo classes or incorporating other forms of exercise. Constantly re-evaluate if the plan you have created for yourself is continuing to serve you. You’re allowed to change your mind 😉