Week three

Week three

You can substitute any class from weeks one or two.

Week three schedule:

Monday: Lower Body Build from week one (or take week two if you preferred it)
Tuesday: New! Live Upper Body Build @5am CST (This will stay recorded)
Wednesday: New! Live Core Burn @10am CST (This will stay recorded. Option to take week 1 Burn)
Thursday: New! Optional Barre. Or take either recovery class from weeks 1 or 2
Friday: New! Full Body Build

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Week three
  • Foundations Full Body Build

    - Pillow
    - Low stool or sturdy box (to kneel on)
    - A variety of weights (I'm using 3lb, 6lb, and 10lb)
    - Access to a wall

    Optional playlist:

  • Foundations Barre: Outer thighs and triceps

    This class is optional. The yoga flow class from week one or the recovery cardio from week two can be substituted for this class. Or skip class and take an easy walk!

    - Light hand weights (I have 5s and 3s)
    - Long resistance band
    - Something to hold onto

    Spotify: (optional!)

  • Burn: Abs & back (1-19-21)

    Foundations crew: this class will be LIVE for the entire membership at 10am CST on 1/19. If you can't catch it live, it will stay recorded. If you need to take it earlier, take last week's Burn class.

    - Small Pilates ball or pillow

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playl...

  • Upper Body Build: Biceps, triceps, back (1-18-22)

    Foundations crew: this is a class taught live at 5am CST, but will stay recorded and posted in case you can't come live. If you need a class earlier, you can take last week's upper body class.

    - Moderate Weights (I’m using 15s)
    - Light Weights (I’m using 5s)

    Playlist (explicit): htt...

  • Foundations Lower Body Build: Quads & glutes

    - Kitchen chair or something sturdy to step on (I will give you options if you don't have one)
    - Resistance band or loop band
    - Access to a wall
    - Optional: weights

    Playlist (explicit): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/484MOEIdD7Yflynq9uwFYf?si=79b4cc2970c842c0