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Knee flexion tutorial (hamstrings)

Tutorials • 50s

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  • Tricep pull-down tutorial

    Attach a double rope on a pulley machine as high as possible. Stand underneath the machine as much as you can. Pin your elbows at your side, and slightly hinge forward at your hips. Straighten your elbows, keeping your wrists relatively neutral

  • Single arm lat pull tutorial

    Attach the cable at the highest setting. Turn so your shoulder is facing the cable machine (you're turned to the side). Turn to the side and grab the handle. Pull your elbow to your side. Advanced: add a slight side bend of your upper body towards the cable machine

  • Knee extension tutorial (quads)

    Set the seat so the middle of your knee is in line with the middle of the axis of the machine (see video). Press your hands into the handle of the machine to keep your trunk and spine anchored. Straighten your knees (move through a comfortable range of motion. They don’t have to lock if it’s not ...