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Shannon Ritchey
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#100. 100th EPISODE BEST OF: Improve workout efficiency & feel better

Fit Body, Happy Joints

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In celebration of the 100th podcast episode, Shannon is summarizing some of the “best of” episodes on various topics! First up: how to improve workout efficiency and feel better. Shannon summarizes 6 episodes: #7, #9, #48, #51, #74, and #97.

0:00: Introduction
3:28: How to know if your workouts are productive or just hard (Episode 7)
8:13: Specifics of productive vs. hard workouts
9:15: How to cut your workout time in half (Episode 9)
11:01: Recommendations for better results in shorter workouts
18:13: How to have a stronger body with less back pain (Episode 48)
19:26: Pain is a symptom
24:00: Exercise selection and programming
26:07: Overuse
26:36: Physical trauma
27:04: Nutritional deficiencies
28:28: When to mix it up vs. keep it the same (Episode 51)
29:00: Why soreness is not a reliable indicator of effectiveness of your workout
31:16: Is it ever beneficial to mix up your routine?
34:11: Exercising in heat (Episode 74)
36:10: Why cold is not ideal for strength training
37:50: Strength training in warmer rooms
40:33: Minimum amount of exercise for results (Episode 97)
43:00: What to do when it comes to gaining muscle 

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