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Shannon Ritchey
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#101. 100th EPISODE BEST OF: Cardio

Fit Body, Happy Joints

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In this episode, Shannon summarizes the highlights from three past episodes about cardio. She talks about why cardio isn’t the best tool for fat loss, how to incorporate HIIT, and the differences between light intensity and moderate intensity steady state cardio.

0:00: Introduction
2:10: Cardio should not be a tool to expedite fat loss (Episode 95)
4:03: Moderate-intensity cardio and group classes
6:12: Why tracking calories burned might work against you
12:10: The downward spiral
14:17: How much HIIT is the right amount? (Episode 12)
20:22: Short, intense exercise vs. longer, gentle exercise
22:22: How to structure your own routine
24:48: Do you HAVE to do HIIT to receive benefits from your routine?
29:04: What is steady-state cardio? (Episode 13)
30:58: LISS vs. MISS
33:28: When should you adjust your routine?
35:24: How to incorporate HIIT and steady-state cardio 

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