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Burn: Abs & back (4-21-21)

Latest • 31m

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  • Hip Flexor Mobility & Activation

    - Heavy weight
    - Ankle weight (we will use a heavy weight if you don't have one)
    - Pillow
    - Access to a wall

  • Upper Body Build: Arms & lats (4-20-21)

    - Heavy weights
    - Light weights
    - Resistance band attached to the top of a door


  • 60 minute Restorative Yoga (with gues...

    - 1-2 bolsters (or firm pillows or couch cushion)
    - 2 yoga blocks (or stacks of books, tupperware)
    - Multiple thin blankets or towels
    - Restorative is best done when NOT cold so dress warmly with socks, blankets, etc

    This class is fine to take right after a warmer activity like a build/b...