Free week

Free week

How to take the free classes:

Take each class on the day of the week it's listed. If you want to repeat the week, make sure to rest for 1-2 days in between.

Monday: Lower Body Build & optional Low-Impact Cardio Burst
Tuesday: Upper Body Build
Wednesday: Burn; optional Cardio Burst (has impact - sub the low-impact class from Monday if desired)
Thursday: Flow + Strengthen (more fast-moving and advanced. Yoga experience highly recommended)
Friday: Full Body (can divide this 45-minute class into two classes, taking the first 30 min on Friday and the second 15 min on Saturday. If taking the second half on another day: make sure to start with the warm-up, and fast forward to where you left off.)

Playlists: The music is optional! I list the playlists under each video. Warning: most music is explicit.

Enjoy the classes!

Free week