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Shannon Ritchey
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Levo Wellness gift guide

Self-care is more important than ever this year. Here are some of my favorite self-care gift ideas. Some of these are more indulgent than others. Gift these to a loved one, OR don’t feel guilty about treating yourself! 


My favorite toe socks 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me rave about these socks. These would be perfect as a stocking stuffer to make your family laugh! Although they remind me of rainbow knee-high socks that I had when I was eight, there is a great reason to wear these. We spend our whole lives stuffing our feet into socks and shoes that are overly compressive, and we begin to lose connection of our feet. This can cause joint issues not only in your feet but all the way up the chain into the knees, hip, and back. This is one way to get back in touch with your feet! I wear these when I’m going to be on my feet all day, during a high impact workout, or on a long hike. 

My Favorite Yoga Mat

I’ve tried ALL of the yoga mats, and this one is my favorite. It’s grippy, but the texture is smooth. It also has enough cushion but is still light. I won’t buy another mat after having this one! 

Takara Leggings

This is my favorite pair of leggings! I have two pairs. They are high waisted, super light, and stretchy but compressive. You can use SHANNONONE for 15% off if it’s your first or second order from Carbon38.


Wave Meditation Bolster 

I have this meditation pillow, and I love it. It comes with guided meditation and noise-canceling headphones. The pillow vibrates to the beat of the music, which allows you to really drop into your body. There is science behind vibration therapy. You have vibration proprioceptors in your tendons, and stimulating those proprioceptors can improve tissue dysfunction. 

Silk Eye Pillow

I couldn’t find the exact eye pillow that I own, but I do LOVE an eye pillow for meditation. I use this at night with the Wave Bolster and fall RIGHT to sleep.

Bamboo Sheets

Speaking of sleep, if you don’t have bamboo sheets, you’re missing out. We got these as a wedding gift, and we won’t use any other sheets. These are an investment, but so worth it. They are cool, soft, and honestly just make me so happy when I crawl into bed. 

Food and Drink 

Clean Wine

This wine is game-changing! I’m no expert on wine, but I do know that wine can come with yucky additives. This wine is clean and has much less sugar than wines you’d buy at the store. We just got a shipment, and our favorite is the 2018 Che Fico Sangiovese Toscona Rossa IGP, Italy (say that three times fast). 

Well Plated Cookbook 

This cookbook would be an excellent gift! I’ve been making Erin’s recipes for years. I actually hate to cook, so recipes have to be simple, or I won’t make them. All of Erin’s recipes are healthier, easy, AND delicious. Not to mention this book is beautiful from cover to cover. 


Egyptian Magic Moisturizer 

This is the only moisturizer I use. Again, I’m no expert on skincare, but I love how the ingredients (which you can see in the picture) are clean and natural. If you have dry skin like I do, this is game-changing. I put it on right after I shower, on my face before makeup, and blend it with the Isle of Paradise tanning drops (below). 

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops 

I use the medium (light is pictured) shade about every other day. It gives you a natural-looking tan and smells like cucumbers. I’ve been using this for over a year, and I highly recommend! 

One-Step Hair Dryer 

I definitely saw this on an influencer’s Instagram, and I’m so glad I bought it. I hate blow drying my hair because it always ends up as a tangled mess. This is so much easier and truly is a one-step process. 


Soli’s Scribbles

Soliscribbles are custom, highly detailed drawings that always put a smile on my face. She has an Etsy with fun Christmas cards and prints. She does custom work too, which would be perfect as a customized gift for a loved one! 

Nutrition counseling 

A colleague of mine, Katherine, is a Functional Medicine Dietitian, and she’s the real deal. If you want to learn about how to fuel for YOUR body, a session with Katherine is one of the best investments you can make. 

A month of Levo

Last but not least, invest in your health with Levo. I create a personalized plan of fitness classes to make sure you get the best results that build your body UP, rather than break it down. This option is a single month and will not auto-renew. Perfect for a gift!

I get commissions on some of these products, but I only linked things that I use and recommend. I also LOVE supporting the Levo community, so if you have a small business that I can support, please reach out! I hope you found value in this and are getting some great ideas for special gifts for a loved one or for yourself!