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Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT
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Cross training with Evlo

By Dr. Payton Busker, PT, DPT 

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been diving into how to achieve 3 different goals using Evlo:

1st goal: Feel Better, Get Stronger

2nd goal: Increase Muscle Definition 

3rd goal: Cross Training with Evlo 

Last week, we explored all things “Increase Muscle Definition”. Click here to review that post!


What is cross training?

The term “cross training” is most commonly used to describe incorporating a form of exercise other than an athlete’s primary sport. But this idea can be applied far beyond “an athlete”! 

There is consistent evidence to support cross training for individuals whose primary form of activity is endurance training, especially running. Typically in said studies, researchers seek to understand the effect of strength training on elements like running economy (think running efficiency), time trials, sprint performance, and body composition. 

In a recent systematic review, researchers compiled all relevant articles to understand the above. While they do note that the evidence is not necessarily consistent, they report that overall the research suggests that strength training 2-3X per week for runners positively impacts running performance. They also note that this type of cross training does not have a negative impact on body composition. 

These articles do not include the immense neuromuscular and musculoskeletal benefits that cross training can provide. Enter Evlo!! 

Schedule Recommendations

As the review noted, adding 2-3 strength training sessions to a runner or biker’s schedule can be beneficial. Whether you add 2 or 3 will depend on your running/biking/swimming/dancing schedule as well as your ability to recover!

Measuring recovery  

Measuring your recovery is very important to avoid overdoing it when adding to your running/biking/swimming/dancing routine. In an episode of Fit Body, Happy Joints, Dr. Shannon provides actionable steps to determine if you’re recovering properly. Make sure to listen to that episode here

As you will hear in the episode, there will be trial and error involved with this process! My recommendation is to start with adding 2, full body Evlo sessions to your routine. Then utilize the tools explained in the podcast determine if you are able to tolerate an additional training session. If you decide to add a 3rd session, make sure to repeat the process!

Frequency of sessions as well as placement of Evlo sessions within your training schedule can have an impact on your recovery. 

Adding Full Body Evlo classes to your training schedule

Determining days of the week that work best for incorporating your Evlo classes will also take some trial and error! 

In general, I would recommend sticking to 2-3 of the Full Body classes. Within our weekly schedule, Full Body classes can be found on the following days:

Monday: Full Body Build 

Wednesday: Full Body Build & Burn 

Friday: Full Body Build & Burn or EVLO*

* EVLO contains a cardio component that might tip you over the recovery bucket with the amount of training you are doing in your regular activity. Listen to Dr. Shannon’s episode about central vs. peripheral fatigue to learn more about the concept of “the interference effect” and how it might play a role in this scenario! 

Do not feel beholden to the above days of the week. Many members take classes from the previous week in order to take classes on days that best fit their schedule. Utilize the recovery tracking tools to determine which days of the week work best with your current training schedule! 


Nutrition can be extremely beneficial in supporting your cross training program + recovery. If you are interested in learning more about the foundations of nutrition, check out our foundational program by Registered Dietitian Katherine Andrew here

If you have specific body composition goals in mind or want to dive deeper into tracking, check out Katherine’s second series here

Wrapping it all up 

No matter if you’ve joined Evlo to feel better/get stronger, increase your muscle definition, or to implement a joint-friendly cross training program, we are so happy that you’re here. We hope that you utilize the suggestions in this blog series to develop a plan that works for YOU!!