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Shannon Ritchey
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Biggest Myths of the Fitness Industry

The Calorie Burning Myth

There’s a norm in the physical fitness industry that makes people feel like they have to be near death after their gym session to feel like they’ve done enough.

My clients are proof that it is not. They are proof that you can see results in home workouts that are joint-friendly and reduce muscle strain. 

“I’ve been doing Evlo for 3 months and I’ve worked out for a decade doing CrossFit and everything, but I’ve never seen results as I’ve seen with Evlo. I’m definitely much more defined and gained 5 lb of muscle and my clothes fit better.” shared an Evlo client. 

My goal with Evlo has always been the same: to educate people who don’t understand the consequences of certain workouts and are only exercising this way because they have been told that they have to do it that way to see results from the gym. 

I want to break down how we got to this “all or nothing” mentality in the fitness industry, and share a bit about why Evlo workouts are so effective, but also better for your body in the long run. 

The Fitness Industry

Part of the problem is that there is no regulation in the fitness industry dictating who should and should not be teaching a physical fitness program. Unfortunately, this means oftentimes, individuals without the proper educational background telling clients how they can achieve a certain physique.  

People will trust the advice of someone who looks how they want to look – but it doesn’t mean this person has the correct information.

Unfortunately, as many of you may know, this results in unnecessary injury or strain on the body. I’ve witnessed it first hand from so many of my Evlo clients, who have suffered unnecessary injuries from working out, whether that is a lower back strain, shin splints, tendinitis, a herniated disc, or something even more severe. 

I don’t blame anyone – I think people in the physical fitness industry tend to be altruistic and want to help, but the educational background in many fitness programs is lacking. 

The Evlo Fitness Philosophy

Part of what makes Evlo so unique is that I have been able to go beyond what I learned in physical therapy school, to design safe and effective workouts for all bodies… all from home!

I know for me, that when I am approaching a workout, I want to get the most bang for my buck possible. I want the time, energy, and effort I spend at the gym to not go to waste. 

The quality of a workout program is the sum of the exercises inside. Each exercise should be meticulously chosen because it will produce the best results with the least amount of risk. 

A productive workout at the gym will yield the following results: 

  • Increased muscle definition and size (which increases your metabolism, creating a lean body) 
  • Healthier joints (or at the very least, less risk of straining/permanently damaging your joints) 
  • Improve your cardiovascular health 
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve sleep, mood, blood pressure, overall quality of life 

Ultimately, people want results, which is why they even pursue an exercise program.

However, the fitness industry has led people to believe that a “hard” workout at the gym, means it was a “good” workout, and that will automatically produce desirable results. And that’s just often not the case.

Sometimes, these workouts can even become counterproductive, doing more harm than good. 

Take, for example, a HIIT workout. The science behind HIIT is very simple, it makes sense to people, and therefore has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

However, I think the industry incorrectly translated that evidence into “all exercise needs to be fast and powerful and sweaty and calorie burning”. Rather than looking at the details of what’s inside that exercise program, and how each exercise affects your body.

However, in reality, you can get a high-intensity workout without sacrificing your lower back and joints. Not only will you see sustainable results, but you will also be helping your body in the long run.