What makes the EVLO METHOD different

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What makes Evlo different?

You’ll build muscle definition, but not at the expense of your joints.

Take the guesswork out of your workouts.

With our 3, 4, and 5 X a week schedules, we specifically coordinate muscle groups to ensure adequate work to each group and appropriate recovery time throughout the week.

Our classes are meant to add to your life, not take away from it. Evlo can flow with you through different seasons of your life: the busy times, the relaxed times, the stressful times, and anywhere in between.

Choose your schedule accordingly.

Not all exercises are created equal.

We run each of our exercises through a risk vs. reward formula to deliver the most effective exercises for muscle hypertrophy while limiting unnecessary stress to your system and joints.

When looking at exercises through a biomechanical lens, we can take “good” vs. “bad” out of the equation and determine which exercises will deliver the greatest load to a muscle group without the wear-and-tear.

Our instructors are Doctors of Physical Therapy and highly trained fitness instructors.

Each of their unique backgrounds of education, patient care, and continued education shines through in their classes. You can trust that these movement experts are designing classes and offering modifications with your body in mind.

Muscle building happens in the recovery.

Your workouts are only half of the equation. We include planned recovery days no matter which schedule you are following.

We even include recovery day classes and programs to ensure you feel supported.

Nutrition plays an integral role in fueling both your workouts and your recovery.

We believe in turning to the professionals to receive reliable nutrition information that can be tailored to your individual needs. We have included programs developed and delivered by a Registered Dietitian to do just that.


Membership Perks


Live Classes

We offer multiple live classes each weekday, so you’ll always have a fresh workout. Can’t take class live? All classes stay recorded so your workouts fit seamlessly into your schedule.


Variety of Formats

Between our weekly classes, new Evlo Minis uploaded regularly (5-20 minute workouts), and our programs, maintaining consistency will be easy.


Recovery Resources

Your workouts are only as effective as your ability to recover from them. We offer joint stability programs, meditations, and classes like flow and light cardio to take on your days off.

Structure Is Everything

We design each week to target all the major muscle groups without overusing your body. Choose a plan to work out with us 3, 4, or 5 times/week.

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The stories behind the people that make us unique.



Get to know Shannon

Payton Busker

Instructor, Head of Content

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Jess Moy


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Jill Zambito


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Shauna Pierce

Substitute instructor

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Allyson McElvain

Creative and Branding

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Work with your body, not against It.

You don’t have to grind your body into the ground to see great results.


How Evlo can change your life

“I thought I would have chronic pain for life. I’ve been doing EVLO consistently for a year without pain or injury.”

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Roseanna H.
Roseanna H.

“We are now safely building muscle mass without further damage and enjoying it along the way. Our joints and our minds are beyond happier!”

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Madison and Bryce D.
Physician Assistant
Madison and Bryce D.

“My body was saying thank you and coming back to me.”

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Maricelle C.
Maricelle C.

“I think the emphasis on finding what works for you as an individual instead of striving to perfectly emulate the instructor frees members to start building trust and confidence in ourselves, whereas other methods are more prone to create reliance on the coaches.”

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Hope B.
Registered Dietitian
Hope B.

“I’m in a much better place physically and mentally thanks to Evlo. No more punishing myself, just building my body up.

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Plub N.
Plub N.

Education is the key and the knowledge brought by Evlo is absolutely like no other program out there!”

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Stacey G.
Stacey G.

“Not only am I able to lift and carry my grandbaby without issue, I feel so much stronger, more stable and I am proud of a more muscular appearance.”

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Susie C.
Susie C.

No Pain, All Gain.

Want to know more? Check out some FAQs below!

The Evlo method was designed by a physical therapist and classes are taught by physical therapists. Although your body will likely feel better doing the Evlo method, we do not treat pain or replace physical therapy.

We believe cardio is “overdosed” in the fitness industry. We have short and optional cardio and HIIT classes that will be built into your schedule. In addition to the workouts, we recommend low-intensity cardio like walking 10-30 minutes most days of the week.

Investing in equipment is an important part of the process. Here is the list of equipment we recommend to get the most out of your Evlo workouts.

  1. An assortment of hand weights
    1. The instructors use a range of 5-30lb dumbbells during class. Beginners could start with 3lb, 5lb, and 10lb weights.
  2. Pilates ball – 9″ balls work best. Here is an Amazon option.
  3. Resistance bands – Check out these from Amazon.
  4. A kitchen chair or bench
  5. Optional:
    1. Gliders (or you can use paper plates, towels, or magazines)
    2. Low stool – Shannon uses this one

You can cancel any time within your 14-day trial without being charged. You can also cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the following month. Once you cancel, you will have access to the membership for the rest of your billing cycle.

In order to serve our members all across the world, we pre-record and release 13 new classes each week on Sunday at 12pm CST under “This week’s new classes”.

Foundations is our week-long program that is perfect for beginners or those wanting to ease in with slower-paced, basic, form-heavy classes. Feel free to repeat this week as many times as needed to get familiar with the exercises and classes. When you’re ready, jump into “This week’s new classes” to follow one of our regular tracks.


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